Prophetic Revelation for Weight loss-777 Program /New Edition Paperback

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    Prophetic Revelation for Weight loss-777 Program This book presents Prophetic revelations that Martine received with her husband, Allen Wilkie, through the Word of God to be completely delivered from food addiction, diets and to be slender supernaturally! You will learn how to conquer the 7 roots of weight problem and addiction with food through the Prophetic Revelation with the 7 Keys from the Word of God and live the abundant life Jesus Christ paid the price for. With the Keys teached in this book and the application of the 777 Program, you wil experience an absolute victory over food and your body. This book contains all the answers to enable you to receive the promises of God in this area of your life. The 7 Keys for your absolute victory are waiting for you. Take hold of them! By reading this book and applying the 777 Program, Your life and your body will be changed forever !